Nominak has over 38 years of experience offering payroll services, time and attendance, talent management, benefits, PEO services. When it comes to full-service outsourcing, there’s no better option. We’ve worked in just about every industry there is, from restaurants to construction, retail, and much more. With our experience and technology, we’re able to solve your unique challenges quickly and efficiently. Our unparalleled customer service means having a dedicated account representative whenever you need them that understands the ins and outs of your organization. With Nominak handling key administrative areas, you’re able to focus on growing your business. While the client must naturally provide the funds to cover payroll and payroll taxes, Nominak handles the tedious side of things. 

Employers simply provide the salary and hours for each employee, then Nominak takes care of the rest by processing payroll and all payroll-related taxes and reports. In addition to saving time, we’re also able to save you costs. Once partnered with Nominak, it allows you to tap into our economies of scale which means offerings things like world-class Employee Benefits. Small businesses often have a hard time providing comprehensive benefits for a reasonable cost. With Nominak, you’re able to cost-effectively access benefits that typically only Fortune 500 companies can offer. 

Our core benefits package cover medical, dental, vision, disability and life insurance. With multiple packages to choose from, we’re able to tailor everything to your exact needs. Our benefits plans work with some of the largest networks nationwide to ensure you’ll always have access to in-network providers. To always ensure your business is always operating smoothly, Nominak guides you through employment laws and regulations. While ultimately the responsibility of compliance is with the client, our expert consulting will make sure you’re always compliant. Contact us today for help solving your organization’s biggest challenges.

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Address: 26022 Budde Rd, Houston, Texas, 77380 USA
Phone: 1-888-477-0007

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